Realising a dream

It has been a number of years since I spent time on my blog and as a result I needed to remind myself of what I used to write about.  It may sound silly but the last few years of ‘wind the bobbin up’, ‘wheels on the bus’ and ‘old macdonald’ and I have a hard time remembering what I did yesterday never mind what I used to write about nearly four years ago.

It makes sense that the first place I needed to visit was my ‘About me’ page.  It hasn’t been updated in so long that I hadn’t even made any mention of my daughter, who is now three!  So much to update there.  However one of the things I had written ‘about me’ was the following:  I have big dreams of one day running a 21km, but first I need to get through a comfortable 5km 10km run.  I will succeed!

Well…I am so incredibly proud to announce that during my vacation from blogging, I did indeed succeed!!  In June 2017, along with my fabulous running buddy Charl, I completed the Christchurch Half Marathon.  What an achievement (for me)!

Honestly I don’t know where this dream stemmed from, or when it began, but for as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a runner.  I have tried, albeit not very hard, but I really have tried numerous times to get into running.  There are a couple of things that don’t work in my favor, more on that in another post, and as a result I had never managed to see my dream come to light.  Until now.

I put in a really decent amount of training, and was in awe when I could regularly go for an easy 8km run and actually feel I could keep going.  Trust me ‘running’ and ‘easy’ have never been words I have been able to use together in a sentence before – it blew my mind!  The longest training run I did was 16km and I ran the entire way with.out.stopping – this still amazes me!  The best part about training runs with my best buddy?  We got to chat, properly chat about life, kids, laundry (yes laundry) and everything in between.  We were able to think beyond being wives and mothers, it was our time for us, and we loved it!

The morning of the half marathon was a super cold, wet and miserable one but my wonderful hubby and daughter braved the weather and cheered me on every step of the way – I am so grateful to them for all their support throughout the journey.  A big shout out to our fab supporter Abby who drove us into the city at the crack of dawn out of the kindness of her heart – what a rockstar!  The first 17km were awesome, the last 4km however were a bit of a struggle and I had to concentrate on just putting one foot in front of the other, so you can imagine I was beaming like a cheshire cat as I crossed the finish line and may have even fought to hold back tears (what a laugh)!  If you were to look up my time you would probably think I was pretty slow in completing, but when my then 23 month old daughter looked at me after the race and announced, “You ran so fast Mummy” – well lets just say, that was all the validation I needed!!

I guess what I learnt, and I am sure a lot of you will roll your eyes at the obviousness of what I am about to say, but truly the key to becoming a runner is consistency.  You will always have bad runs, these may seem more regular in the beginning stages, but as long as you keep going (slowly, slowly catch a monkey and all that) you will get there.  I’m almost certain that anyone can become a runner, I am surely proof of that!

Not long after that half marathon I found out I was pregnant with our second child and needless to say, I am back at square one hoping I will be able to complete a half marathon again (or more) but far from being in any position to do it anytime soon.  I’ll get back there though!  This time I have the security of knowing that I am 100% capable of it.  And what a lovely thought that is.

Losing my voice

Losing my voiceHello blog space, my old comfort, my old friend.  It has been a while…a long, long while.  I’ll be honest, just five minutes ago I had no idea I was going to sit down and write this. In fact, writing this was one of the furthest things from my mind, sitting just above ‘go for a 10km run’ and not that far from ‘clean the house’.  But here we are.

I was scrolling through Facebook and found my talented brother’s facebook page Cuttaway Productions where he has begun sharing the images he has captured over the last few weeks. Man, I wish I had that talent and know-how with a camera!  I found a post he had shared of mine that I wrote many moons ago, before I became a wife and long before motherhood consumed me, in the best kind of way.

Every now and again I have a friend or two ask me when I am going to start blogging again, and most surprisingly of all they tell me they miss my writing.  I can’t tell you how much that means to me, I am really grateful to those that take the time to do so – so thank you!

I would love to write again and just starting this reminds me of the joy it brought me when I was posting every few days.  I have never written my blog to gain followers/readers, or for it to be anything other than a space I can come to that is mine, that helps me use what little creative juice I may have.  It is just a fun place for me to be.

So what happened? Well a lot, a lot, a lot has happened since I last blogged.  If you remember, I had recently got married and we moved from Natal to the Cape.  A brief summary – we bought a house, we had a baby, we sold our house, we packed up all we own and we moved to New Zealand and then we had another baby…throughout this process I guess I have just lost my voice. I don’t feel I have any content, which is crazy because being the Mum of two busy, funny and cute as a button kids – surely there is daily content there.  Ultimately, I think I have been so busy being a Mum that I have pushed this aside, never to return.  Well never say never.

Moving forward I don’t know what I am going to write about, I don’t know when, or even if I will find the time, however I am going to try. For my sanity and creative outlet, if for nothing else.

So blog space, thank you for still being here, I look forward to writing again soon.  If anyone still reads my blog (thank you!!) and sees this, let me know if you have ever felt like you have lost your voice.  Along the way, whilst doing life, have you stopped doing something which you really loved, and which brought you joy?  Do you have any plans to bring it back?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Catching up

It was only when talking to a friend of mine on Friday evening that I realised just how little I have shared with people lately.  You know you need to make a change when your friend asks you how things are in Mooi River, and you answer that you moved to Cape Town a month ago.  They then ask you how the job is, and you reply you started a new job in March of this year.  There were even more revelations, and shocks for me, but at least it wasn’t soooo bad that I had to tell them the child they didn’t know I had was celebrating their first birthday…no it wasn’t that bad.  Phew!

So yes, a stark reminder that I need to get back in touch with the world, stop living such a closed life.  I have made a mental note to be better!

My weekend was A.W.E.S.O.M.E to put it mildly, and no, not because I won the lottery, or did anything glamorous at all, it was just a perfect blend of family, sun and chill time.  I started it by catching up with two friends in the UK and it is true, a super long chat with good friends is fantastic medicine for the soul.  Dev & I then woke up early and headed off to the gym where I partook in my first ever yoga class.  The fact that I cannot touch my toes, or even get that close to the ground, meant that I was fairly nervous about taking my place (in the front as all the good spots were gone) in class but man oh man – I absolutely loved it.  Yes I was the only one who couldn’t touch the floor and there were a lot of moves that I struggled with, but we all have to start from somewhere so I swallowed my pride and did the best I could.  Call me naive but I had no idea there was so much strength involved in yoga.  I thought I was going for a nice stretch class and relaxation but I actually walked out of there with a feeling in my arms that I had done some toning.  It was utterly fab!  I will most certainly be back.

After yoga we met up with my uncle and went round to visit my Gran who turned 95 at the beginning of the month.  95 people – and she still has the most wicked sense of humor.  Yes she gets confused quite often but that is more about the most recent things and her long term memory is still strong.  Having recently moved to the Cape I am now just down the road from her and I feel incredibly blessed that I can spend time with her regularly.

Uncle, Gran and I

Uncle, Gran and I

It was such a beautiful day in Somerset West that Dev and I decided to take an impromptu drive up to our family’s favourite look out point to spend some time remembering two other people who loved this spot so much – my Dad and Grandpa.  I always love going up there, yes it is bittersweet but it gives me time to reflect, to take in the beauty all around and to spend a bit of time ‘with Paperdy’.  Then it was back home for a late lunch followed by an afternoon lying in the sun reading my book/kindle whilst Dev watched the rugby.  What a day!

A favourite spot

A favourite spot

Sunday started with trying to find a Church in our area, and we both enjoyed a lovely service at the Methodist Church in Somerset West.  Following that Dev had a hockey match at Maties in Stellenbosch, which was a catch up from last weekend when it absolutely poured with rain, and I went along to watch and soak up even more sun!  Bliss.  Sadly the boys didn’t win but it was an exciting game to watch.  I then tried to do a bit of work but after an hour came to the realisation that I was completely mad as I was missing out on incredible weather, and it was Sunday!  So we ended the weekend with chats to the family in Mooi River and another afternoon of  lying in the sun reading books and talking about our upcoming plans…of which there are oh so many.

My sports fix

My sports fix

Utter bliss

Utter bliss

My favourite kind of weekend I must admit…and I am so very very grateful!

Exploding sunsets

On Sunday evening I was traveling back from Pietermaritzburg with my Mum, brother and little nephew having spent a wonderful family day at the Royal Show.  We needed to stop in Howick to pick up some supper because I hadn’t stuffed my face enough with all the delicious treats at the show and, as we were driving through town we were greeted by the most spectacular sunset I have ever had the privilege of seeing.  There are not many words I could use to describe it to you to make you truly understand how incredible it was, except that it just seemed like the sunset had exploded.  I honestly was speechless.  It went on and on for ages, finally changing color before darkness stepped in.

Unfortunately we were driving and I just had the little camera on my phone with me so the pictures are no where near perfect, and by no means do they do the sunset any justice, but you get the idea from the following pictures I did manage to take:

photo 4photo 2photo 2

A truly remarkable sight.  Can you remember the most incredible sunset you have ever seen – do you have pictures?  Do you agree with me that the sunset exploded above?




Letters to my unborn child: When

To my unborn child,

Let me make one thing clear – way before I start telling you things, and long after I finish – everything is in God’s hands.  He knows what has gone before and only He knows what we have in store for us.  We, as your parents, leave everything to God and trust that whatever journey He asks us to take, it will be the right one and for the best.  I will continue to dream, hope and pray along every step of our journey in starting a family, and welcoming you into it but I know that from my smallest to my greatest dreams every one of them is God-willing.

I wanted to let you know that you are thought of often, which makes you fairly special already.  You have not been conceived and you are already on my mind – how do you do that?  You’ve been the topic of many conversations between your Dad and I, and also between family and friends – sometimes people I don’t even know that well.  The main question asked about you at the moment is – when?  Your Dad & I were married nearly six months ago on the 7th December 2013 and it is only obvious that the next question we are asked is – when?  When are you going to come into our lives screaming your little lungs out, ready to turn our world upside down in the best possible way?  When are we going to announce to those close to us that our precious little bundle of joy (that’s you) is on the way?  When indeed?!

It is quite funny listening to your Dad and I discussing this very question, sitting quietly together, sometimes working out on our fingers nine months from a certain point, that point that we decide we think we might be ready.  Sometimes it is just around the corner and other times it is months/years away.  I mean it is laughable.  Watching and listening to us trying to decide when we think we are ready.  Truth be told I don’t think any couple is ever truly ready for their first child, even their second or third – how can we be?  We might think we are ready, but suddenly a beautiful baby is popped into our arms, we are waved off out of the hospital grounds and suddenly we realise…it’s just you, your Dad & I – out there in the big wide world on our own with just each other to rely on – GULP.

One great thing about never truly being ready to expand your family is just that, you are never going to be completely ready, so in a way that takes the pressure off surely?  I think at the end of the day it comes down to what I discussed right at the beginning.  Everything is God-willing.  So your Dad and I might decide that now is the time, but we don’t have the final say.  I truly believe it will happen when God decides we are ready.

I guess what I am trying to tell you is that whenever you do make your much anticipated arrival you need to know that you are loved and you were loved waaaaaay before you were even conceived.  Whilst your Dad and I continue to discuss you and try to decide if we are ‘ready’ to be the best parents we can be, we are certain of one thing – you are going to rock our little family!

With love always


In God's Time


To be content

Content 3I came across such a great little story during one of my morning quiet times that I wanted to share it with you.  Lately I have seen so many little things that, together with this story, remind me to find happiness in what is all around me.  One of my friends posted on Facebook this week:  When you love what you have, you have everything you need.  I just loved that.  I have been so mindful lately of making sure that I stop wishing and wanting for things that I think will make me happy and to be thankful for the blessings I already have.  When you love what you have, you have everything you need…how beautiful.

This story called The Fisherman is from a book my Mum (Happy Birthday Mum!) gave me back in 2003 called Daybreak with God, I found it on the bookshelf the other day and thought it would be great to go through it again.  The story is as follows:

A wealthy man spent his days fishing in the lake beside his mansion.  Every day, on the same lake he saw a poor man who lived in a rickety shack.  The poor man fished with a stick and some string.  He sat only an hour or so, rarely catching more than two fish, then went home.

The years passed, and frustrated from too much thinking, the rich man approached the poor:  “Please excuse me, but we’ve seen each other fishing here for years, and I’m curious.  You sit here every day catching only a few fish and then head home.  I couldn’t help but wonder why you don’t stay longer.

“You see, if you just stayed one or two hours more each day, you could sell your extra fish in town.  You could get enough money for a better fishing rod, then catch more fish.  You could eventually get a boat and a net.  Then with even more fish, you could hire another man and another boat.  Soon you would not even have to be on the boats all day; you could have a huge company earning a lot of money.  Then, you could easily spend your days fishing alone, for only as long as you would like, doing what you want with no worries.”

“But, sir, I don’t understand,” said the poor man, “that’s what I do now.”

To be content with the life God has given us is to live the richest life of all.

Isn’t that such a lovely story.  There are many lessons to be learnt from this story but what I took away from it was this: I think so often we get caught up thinking we have to keep striving for happiness, that we won’t be truly happy until we have reached a certain point (an ever moving marker) when actually happiness is all around us if only we open our eyes and see.  Just stop for a minute.  Yes there are terrible things happening in the world and of course we can’t have blinkers on and ignore that, but I am also asking you to look around you and instead of looking at what others have, look at what you have and be thankful.  Instead of constantly wanting and wishing for things we think will make us happy, how about finding happiness in things we already have in our lives.  We don’t need much to be happy.

So take a look, your happiness is all around you.

Content 5

Busy busy busy

I have only just begun to catch my breath after a whirlwind of a month.  I honestly don’t think I am wrong when I say I have had one day off since April 7th to just sit and rest.  It has been the most incredible journey of work and travel and I am one exhausted yet super excited and blessed girl.  In the middle of last month I spent three days driving with Dev and our Mum’s to Mana Pools National Park.  Essentially it was a work trip for me, visiting the camp that I do all the bookings for, however it’s hard to imagine ever calling spending time in the bush work.  We spent two full days walking and game driving around a beautiful part of the world, followed by three days driving back home.  I then unpacked my suitcase and repacked for my 16 hour flight to New York followed by a three hour connecting flight to Fort Lauderdale for a week of training with a fantastic company who I will be working for part time.

Getting close to Wild Dog in Mana Pools National Park

Getting close to Wild Dog in Mana Pools National Park

Of course when you are in the US you cannot help but forget to sleep as there is just so much to do which you don’t get the chance to do here at home so I really burnt the candle at both ends.  There were airboat rides in the Everglades, driving to Miami to watch a baseball game, shopping in the biggest mall I have ever seen – EVER.  There were lunches and dinners out, boat tours of the houses of the rich and famous from the waterways in Fort Lauderdale, there were also visits to markets, to the beach and of course there was a week of work which was the main priority.

On my way home I was lucky enough to be treated to a day in New York City where I landed, took a cab to my hotel situated right next to Times Square, I checked in, put my trainers on and began walking.  I walked from 11am until 7pm that night, I sat down once on my short subway ride to the 9/11 memorial, that was it.  In that short time I managed to see Times Square, Central Park, the Apple Store, Grand Central Station, Trump Tower and The Chrysler Building.  I got lost and then managed to find the 9/11 Memorial, I went into A LOT of shops, I queued for ages in Starbucks, I tried to get up to the Mariott for the nighttime view but the queue was just too much and I was too tired oh and I bumped into Denzel Washington!  There was even more but to be honest often I didn’t really know where I was.

American adventures

American adventures

After ten fantastic and exhausting days in the US, I flew back home in time to quickly catch up on work emails, before packing my bag for the Indaba Travel Show in Durban.  The three day show started on my birthday so I guess you could say I had the most people ever at my birthday party.  Of course the fact that only two other people besides myself knew about it might cancel that statement out…but hey ho.  All this happened last weekend and it involved late nights, early starts and meetings throughout the day.  Although I was absolutely dreading it, being the shy person I am, I actually did manage to enjoy myself.  I met a lot of great contacts and learnt more about the industry that I hope will be my home for the rest of my career.

So this brings us to Tuesday when I arrived home, all red eyed and with a glazed expression on my face.  I got straight to work on emails before crashing at about 3pm.  Since then it has been early nights and busy days and I can easily say that I have never been more excited about the future of my career.  I have been very blessed by supportive and nurturing people in my working life, opportunities that I never thought possible and the most incredible mentor in my Mum.  She is quite simply a fountain of knowledge, very well known and well respected in the industry and if I could even be half the professional she is I will be doing great!

I guess what I am trying to say is that although I have not stopped in the last month, although I have not been able to blog at all and although I am utterly exhausted…despite all that, I couldn’t be happier.



The Modern Day Fairytale

Dev and I have some incredibly special people in our lives.  We are blessed with such supportive, caring, loving and outright awesome family and friends.  Our wedding was a combination of so many of these people and their talents.  I want to share a few of those talents with you over the next few months and in the process let you know a few details of what went on the day Dev and I said “I do”.

A few weeks before the big day my Uncle, my Mum’s brother, told me he was writing a fairytale – the main characters?  Dev & I!  I was completely intrigued and thrilled when he asked if I wouldn’t mind if he read it out at our wedding.  Wouldn’t mind??  I was honoured.  Understand this, writing is not my Uncles profession and just one of the many reasons it made this gesture so special.  In the following weeks there were a few phone calls between my Mum and Uncle where facts were checked and confirmed, and I grew more and more excited to hear the fairytale.

Ladies and gents – he did not disappoint, both Dev & I were so touched that he put pen to paper and wrote something that we will cherish forever.  Have a read:

The Modern Day Fairytale – A love worth waiting for

Gorgeous Kim was born in a country North of the great, green, greasy river, in a land now called Zimboland, hence at times she’s been called Kimbo from Zimbo with a meaningful name of Christian.  A shy, young lass blessed with a captivating natural charm, which always drew much wide-eyed attention from members of the opposite gender.  School was at Bishopslea and Peterhouse where Vanessa, Charlotte, Carol & Kim formed a firm bond.  They can supply all the details!  We however, herald a National tennis champion, Kim.

On leaving school, Kim left Zim and studied in the Mother city in a country on the very southern tip of darkest Africa.  A great time was had by young Kim, Tash and their friends and the charm still exuded in waves and she disarmed a certain rugby star called Bobby, but his arrogance was a no-no and found no favour.  On qualifying, Kim travelled abroad to the land of her ancestors; sometimes known as “Mud Island”.  There she settled in a tiny Hamlet called London.  For eight years, Kim partied there and worked successfully in various fields, culminating in Event organising.

An adventurous time was had by Kim and her many friends.  She met some special guys who thought she was extremely special but none had the X factor that could stir up the flutter storm in Kim’s heart.  After eight good years, Kim earned her citizenship in that Northern country only to find that the call of her family in darkest Africa was just too powerful.  So Kim decided to “Wend” her way “over” the seas and mountains to the Mighty Metropolis of Mooi River on the Midlands Meander.

As London’s Eros would have it, there happened to be a young, energetic, sports mad gent with the Christian name Devon – nothing to do with a certain part of Mud Island – and the surname, Wendover.  He too exudes a confident charm that has turned many a young lass’s head.  It has to be said that he is tall, dark, handsome and has an every-ready smile.  But alas, despite the interest of many a fair maiden, he too could not find the X factor that would spark that flutter storm in his ticker.

As fate would have it, Kim has many cousins in this metropolis of Mooi River on the Meander who were determined to arrange a “chance” meeting between disarming, charming and beautiful Kim and the dashing, debonair Devon.

Next came the vigorous family seal of approval.  Devon instantly endeared himself to prospective in-laws & co, when on a trip to Umfolozi he displayed a great love for game, the bush and birds.  He proved an ace with the camera and didn’t flinch when the hyena tried to cash in on the evening braai!  Kim too was an instant hit with her prospective mother-in-law in a “baobab bar” on a trip up to the land of her birth.

Devon realised what a treasure he’d found when, one day he fell off his trusty two wheeler steed.  He met the tar with tremendous force but never fear, a bonnie Florence Nightingale was near.

It all came about and the X factor heart flutters exploded instantly, cupids arrow had hit its mark, and has culminated in the happy-ever-after scenario we are privileged to witness here today.

Now you tell me you don’t believe in fairytales.  Just look at those smiles and witness a love worth waiting for.

Thank you Uncle Nev, for being such an important part of our lives, for this beautiful fairytale and for being a part of our special day!  We are blessed to have you, and all our Aunts & Uncles in our lives!


Family rocks!!

My Thursday Thought: Blessed

For the last two years the beginning of March has not been the easiest time for my family and I, there are times when I feel like it has been so long since I last spoke to my Dad yet at the same time I cannot quite believe it has already been two years this week since he passed away.  I wanted to dedicate My Thursday Thought to everyone who has lost someone they love, we have all felt the devastation of loss and it is no easy thing to go through.  Searching for some quotes on this topic I am very conscious that I do not want it to be a sad post but rather one where we are reminded of how much we are blessed.  For everyone we have lost we were blessed with precious memories of them, times spent together and stories that will live on.

This week, instead of being too sad I am choosing to count my blessings, of which there are so many.  Instead of looking at the years I have to live without my Dad, I am choosing to be grateful for all the years I did have with him.  Rather than being sad that my husband never got to meet him, I am going to overload Dev with stories of my Dad, making sure he gets to know him through me.  Instead of being sad that I will never hear him tell his very very many funny/not so funny jokes, crazy sayings and the song he would sing to wake us up every morning when we stayed with him, I am going to keep them alive with my beautiful siblings and family, ensuring they are never lost.

So this Thursday I ask you to look past the pain and try to focus on the blessings we were given by having such incredible and special people in our lives.  Hug those you love just a little tighter today and let those you love know it…always!  Here are a bit of a mixture of quotes which I love.

Loved ones 1 Loved ones Loved ones 5 Loved ones 4 Loved ones 3

Blessed 1 Blessed Blessed 2

Loved ones 2

Have a Blessed Thursday everyone.


Moon honey revealed

First things first, we are back from honeymoon…we actually got back a week ago but I have been playing massive catch up ever since, hence the delay in any blog posts until now.  Now to spill the beans on where I was whisked off to.  To say I was spoilt on honeymoon is an incredible understatement.  I was surprised with not one but three holidays, each one with different experiences.  I had absolutely no idea about the first two and never even suspected them.  It was actually pretty funny as the day we left my MIL arrived to pick us up, I was still clueless but figured if we were getting driven somewhere then surely it was to the airport.

On the two hour drive to Durban I quietly sat in the back seat and pretended to look all casual when on the inside my mind was desperately trying to work out where it was we were going.  After about an hour I couldn’t contain myself and I started googling flights out of Durban and tried hard to work out possible destinations.  Infact I was so engrossed in searching online trying to figure out where we were going that it took me a while to realise we had driven past the airport.  Oh so no airport…what??  And then it hit me, WE ARE GOING ON A CRUISE!!  That is right – part one of our honeymoon was a four night stay on the MSC Opera cruising to Maputo and Portuguese Island.  I was beyond excited as I had never been on a cruise before.  Good work Dev.


Our cruise was fantastic, it is incredible to experience such a huge hotel on the sea.  There is so much to see, do, experience.  There were nearly 2000 people on board and yet I am certain we didn’t catch even a glimpse of everyone.  For the hungry there is food available 24 hours a day, for the kids there are day care facilities and a virtual games room, for the sun worshippers there are two swimming pools, two jacuzzi’s and a whole deck dedicated to getting some sun.  For the theatre lovers there is a different show every night (two performances) in the huge theatre, for the party goers you can start drinking from 7am every morning and I am actually not sure you ever need to stop until the morning of your departure, although I admit I never tried that.  For the cultural lovers you get the opportunity to get off and do a city tour of Maputo and learn more about life there, for the adventure seekers you are able to visit Portuguese Island and spend a day skiing, tubing or searching for dolphins, for the gamblers there is a casino on board.  For the health conscious there is a fairly well kitted out gym with a view you don’t get very often – running on your treadmill with nothing but the wide open sea as your view is quite an experience although trying to get your sea legs whilst running is also pretty amusing.  For the bored there is endless entertainment put together by the crew’s animators who are full of life and very entertaining, and finally for those that prefer to be pampered there is a spa on board with everything from haircuts, to manicures/pedicures and full body massages.  There is pretty much everything.


After five glorious days of the above it was hard to believe there was still more spoiling to be done, but there was and I was whisked off on a three night safari at Umfolozi Game Reserve.  For those that have been on a safari will know, it is one of the most peaceful and relaxing holidays out there.  Don’t get me wrong – you wake up early, try 4.10am early, every morning in order to take in a morning’s game drive before the heat sets in, and there are many occasions of sheer exhilaration and heart-in-your-throat moments during these game drives when you come across a big bull elephant or a precious rhino just metres from your car.  However in between your early morning and late afternoon drives you get to just veg.  And ladies and gents – I took vegging to the next level.  I slept when I felt like it, I read – A LOT, Dev and I played numerous games of cards – I managed to keep my winners crown time and time again, and together we just destressed and rejuvenated our souls…it was absolute bliss.  I have said it before and I will keep saying it for many many years to come, I feel incredibly lucky to share this planet with animals, I am blessed to be able to experience wildlife in their own environment, and I will never ever get tired of going on safari.

Umfolozi 1 Umfolozi 2 Umfolozi 3 Umfolozi 4

We had a very early start on departure day but we were starting to get used to it and I didn’t mind one bit as it meant that I was off to discover part three of our already unbelievable honeymoon.  We caught an early flight to Johannesburg and after managing to get my broken nail repaired – oh the woes – and a quick overnight we were finally on our way to part three: seven luxurious nights all inclusive stay in Zanzibar.  This island getaway was exactly what we needed to end off an incredible honeymoon.  Our room had one of the best views of the ocean and I spent almost the entire time in my bikini taking in all that Zanzibar has to offer, from delicious tropical fruit, and fruit cocktails, to lip smacking fresh seafood, the sights, the smells and the shopping…sorry Dev but a girl can’t be kept away from the shops forever you know.  Although the driving left a lot to be desired it amazed me that road rage is at an all time low…someone cuts you off, you don’t batter an eyelid, another guy overtakes the car in front of him ensuring that he has pulled out into your lane just 10metres in front, never mind, you just put on brakes and pull off the road.  It is quite something and I couldn’t help but wonder how our South African taxi’s would cope there.  Snorkelling, suntanning, table tennis, more snorkelling, more suntanning, a few drinks at the pool bar, sitting on your bar stool, which is in the pool.  A romantic couples massage, another cocktail, more snorkelling…this was a snippet of how our seven days were spent.  Who could ask for more.

Zanzibar 1 Zanzibar 2 Zanzibar 3 Zanzibar 4 Zanzibar 5To my gorgeous hubby, you blow me away every day with your kindness, your ability to make me feel so loved and your endless desire to ensure I am looked after and happy.  The amount of effort you put into keeping our honeymoon a surprise and the thought that went into our three destinations is something I will remember for the rest of my life.  I often don’t deserve your generosity and I thank you for our incredible honeymoon and all that you do for me even when it is not honeymoon.  I am truly blessed and I love you!